Tuesday, August 13, 2019

NYC August

Storm brewing

I liked the horizontal split of this lighting

Morning light

I liked the darkness in the foreground

Please stop smoking

When it's hot out

NYC version of the school of Athens

I liked how different their outfits were and where they were in the environment

Rocking the purple fit

Lighting was cool on this wall, and the colors really popped

Obligatory water tower pic

Obligatory water tower pic

I liked the shadow against the complicated surface

NYC Catch up

Got a little behind on my pics. Here is the rest of NYC in July

Loved this shaft of light against the orange stripe on the industrial backdrop

Hot? Humid? Still styling. Respect

Obligatory water tower pic

Morning stroll for coffee. I liked the light

This guy reminded me of the David painting, Death of Marat

These guys looked straight up out of a commercial

Black on black

NYC x Cali

Pink hair, don't care

Screamed wall street bros

I liked how timeless this photo seemed

The last of the beautiful light

Sunday, July 21, 2019

NYC heating up

In the past I've tried to stay away from NYC in the summer because of how humid it can get and of how uncomfortable taking the subway or walking down pungent streets could be. Forgot how nice the city could be.

Took a boat cruise on the Hudson

Another Brooklyn bridge view

The light was starting to get really nice

I'm not sure what this was for but I loved all the cool tones

I loved how the shaft of light created a wedge of warmth

I loved how clean and structural the shadows were here

New Yorkers taking advantage of the nice weather. Something about this photo made it look like it could of been taken in the 70's or in 2019

Long legs, long shadows

Her dress was a nice contrast to the steel, glass and concrete

Toronto Summer

Back for a new niece, family, food and a brief stroll in the city.

Easier to take pics when nobody is paying attention anymore

Just like the market right now

Not sure what this refers to but I was digging that the girl on the bike has the same glasses