Friday, September 21, 2018

New York 2018

Short trip to NYC with the intention to do a lot of walking and shooting. Rain said "are you sure about that?", and humidity said, "No" so I never got in my groove. Was super rusty finding my shots and even rustier finding my focus with the manual 50mm.

Most days started with a layer of fog in the sky. Most of the time it stayed that way

Had to hit up a rooftop anyways

When it rains, hit up the galleries.

Didn't have time to hit up the Whitney so I settled for the high line walk

The Met

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Barcelona 2017

Decided to take a break this year before the real crunch happened. Barcelona had the cheapest flights.

Wasn't in the right mindset to get back into the zone for taking pictures, but I did bring my camera to wine country in Priorat. The area reminded me of Tuscany quite a bit and made me excited about my promise to visit Italy again someday.

The "road" through one of the wineries

A typical town in the hills of wine country