Saturday, December 29, 2007

Better on trees

20071227__DSC0203, originally uploaded by akim_hobo.

50mm@iso200 f4.5 1/350s

The problem with snow in the city sometimes is that after awhile it looks a whole lot better on trees than on the ground. On the ground after being trodded upon, kicked around and run down it turns a mushy brown. And so I look to the trees.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby it's cold outside

20071009_0001, originally uploaded by akim_hobo.

50mm@iso100 f8 1/100s

Given that most of everything in Toronto right now is white with snow, one would think that one could never have, "too much green", but after browsing my photos from a recent trip to Ireland, I batch converted most of them to BW. It rains so often there that everything seems to be green. The overcast skies in particular didn't help. On the day of this picture however, things cleared up quite a bit and instead of flat green I saw the blue of the sky, yellows in the highlights and deeper greens in the shadows. Part of the reason why this one slipped past the BW conversion guillotine

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

20071217__DSC0082, originally uploaded by akim_hobo.

50mm @ iso640 f2.8 1/200s

New York seems to have the highest concentration of Christmas decorations and good food during the holidays. It makes quite the combination, which is why I go there every year before hitting up Toronto.

Monday, December 24, 2007

First Post

20071008_0001, originally uploaded by akim_hobo.
24mm@ISO 100 f8.0 1/125s

This was taken my second day in Ireland. I was heading up the coast and saw a ray of light streaking across the sky. For the next several kilometers I patiently waited for a carpark or a place where I could turn off to take a picture. As it turns out, it was right next to a small farm with curious sheep. When I approached the fence, they excitedly ran towards me. However, once they found out I had no food to offer, they quickly lost interest and decided to observe me from afar.

Starting Fresh

So here I go again. Another blog, another purpose. This time to make me less lazy and more inspired. I really should start with my pictures from Japan, but that would probably mean that this site never gets up, so I'll start with Ireland, and I'll throw in random images as I see fit. Hopefully, this will become something I update several times a week.