Monday, October 26, 2009


Vietnam certainly made me rethink my idea of a landscape. Although so much of it is beautiful, so much of it is also the same. It makes you need to try harder to capture something worth capturing. For the most part, that meant trying to relate the land to the people around it.

I liked how the popular trains have become well worn through rain and footsteps.

A particularly large rice paddy.

A typical home at the bottom of a large valley.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I decided a couple days ago that if were ever to open a Vietnamese joint, I would construct it the same way they do in the countryside. Two parallel concrete slabs, open in the front, with a kitchen in the rear. Basically, what you get is a giant softbox that trickles light through. Sure it would be a little dark in the back, but at least you'd be able to admire the wonderfully lit people infront of you.

Still life in Vietnam.

Beverage of choice with lunch.

Soft box action.

Another bike. I'm going to have a bike war with foodhogger.

Another fan. I've decided that along with bikes, I'm becoming a fan of older fans.

Friday, October 16, 2009


The only better way to see Vietnam is to walk it. I figured this out passing numerous pedestrians on my bike. As much as biking through the countryside is better than driving through it. I imagine I would have had a lot more time to think about the photos I was taking if I were walking. Also, I'd have the chance to climb mountains, hills, or other interesting formations.

It reminds me of that guy who walked across China. Or at least tried to.

Here are some pics taken from a moving bike.

I like the way this image could have been taken now, or 50 years ago.

Really wanted to hike this formation. The view would have been amazing.

The popular girls.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

village people

More B+W?

Here's a village that I passed through while biking. They were one of the more exuberant ones.


I think we caught rush hour.


Future thugs.